March 31, 2011

It is official.

I am not the most prolific blogger in the world. I haven't posted in ages.

I feel like I've had nothing going on, but in truth, I have been ridiculously busy. I've been traveling, I've been auditioning, I've even been temping (yes, I'm a temp these days, too, which is...awesome?).

But mainly, I have been working like a crazy person on a project that is so important to me that it makes me cry every day. I never knew I could be so passionate about something that didn't directly affect my everyday life or that of anyone I knew.

...but then I heard about Baby Getty.

Getty Storm is a one year old little girl--the daughter of a friend of a Damnwells fan and follower of my friend Morgan's blog. I first heard about Getty in passing--something about a "button" on a blog or something ("what's that?")--and now, just a couple months later, Getty and her friends and family have become MY friends and family, and I care about them so crazy much that I have decided to to everything humanly possible to help little Getty. Who knows--I might even run a marathon in December!

You see, Miss Getty, or "Getty Owl," as she is known, has SMA Type 1. That's Spinal Muscular Atrophy--basically the most awful thing you could ever imagine--and Type 1 is its most aggressive form. SMA is a terminal disease. It's genetic. And it affects 1 in every 6,000 children born worldwide. When you do the math (and I'm not good at math, so thank you Sophia's Cure for doing it for me), that's one child born with SMA EVERY 7 HOURS. And those children are considered lucky if they make it to their second birthday.

Long story short, SMA REALLY, REEEEEEEEALLY SUCKS. We need to find a cure for it as soon as possible.

And the good news is this: a cure IS close. Researchers are getting very close. But research costs, a LOT of money. So that's where we come in.

I've produced and sang on an album of lullabies--11 of them, to be exact--and they are going to be released ***NEXT WEEK***. ALL proceeds will be going to help support The Getty Owl Foundation, to help put an end to SMA.


"Sweet Water Child ~ Lullabies For Getty" officially arrives next Tuesday, April 5. (Don't tell anyone (we're still working out the kinks), but you can stream it online HERE. Shhhhhh!)

March 18, 2011