January 4, 2011

Father's Office

Tonight, a friend and I ventured out to beautiful Santa Monica for a meeting. After our meeting, we were STARVING because we'd only eaten bananas all day (traveling for the entire month of December = no food in the house, apparently), and said friend has been talking about checking out Father's Office for, like, forever, and thinks about cheeseburgers approximately 86% of each and every day. So we decided that tonight would be the night we'd give it a shot.

First of all, Father's Office is located on a super cute street in Santa Monica called Montana Avenue. Adorable, fashionable businesses and twinkly lights line the street, on which, we were surprised to be able to find parking right in front of the place (and the meters expired at 6pm, so we didn't even have to pay! Bonus!). We walked in and found seats right away at the seat-yourself bar. The service was prompt, I didn't have to ask for "no ice" in my water--they just read my mind--AND it came with a little lemon wedge (no club soda option, though, just bottles of sparkling if you want to pay for them). I had a lovely glass of Rioja that was quite nice, and the hubs got one of their fabulously delicious microbrews.

We started with an appetizer of roasted brussels sprouts (with crispy serrano ham and pine nuts) that were aMAAAAAzing. When I tried to order a burger with no bun, however, the bartender was pleased to inform me, "Sorry, we can't do that. They only come one way," despite my gluten allergy--so Glu-tards BEWARE! But I really wanted the steak anyway, so I opted to spend the extra $2 and get it instead...AND IT WAS AWESOME. Hubs got the burger and thought it was the most amazing burger on the planet, and the skinny fries and the salad and the night were also great. So in the end, everybody won...and we got just a little bit fatter.

Photo by David Greenwald / LAist

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