February 14, 2011

Beachy McBeacherson

Yesterday, I had to take a friend to the airport in the morning. After I dropped him off, though, I couldn't bear to just drive home and sit inside all day because it was such a gorgeous day outside--so on a whim, I went to the beach instead.

And lemme just say--THIS NEVER HAPPENS.

Living in Los Angeles, I'm so close to the beach, yet for some reason I never seem to go there. I guess I always just assume that it's gonna be cloudy and 10 degrees cooler at the beach--because, well, sometimes it is. But a couple weeks ago, I accidentally found myself meeting with a publicist in Santa Monica, and it was sunny and perfect!

So yesterday, when the sun was shining brightly near LAX, I got inspired and decided to check it out for myself--and lo & behold, it was amazing. It was about 70 degrees there at 11am, the sand was all sun kissed and warm on my bare feets, and for the 30 minutes before my parking meter expired (I only had 50 cents, of course), I totally felt like I was in another world--like, an awesome, sunny, beachy one. It was pretty great.

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